Here are some common questions about apps builder.

How do I create an application?

First of all, you have to create an account. It is very simple and fast.
After that, you can create your own apps for Android/iPhone. Refer to the videos section for any tutorial.

How do I publish an app?

If you want to publish your app on Google Play or App Store you will need to create an account under your name or your company name.

To register into iPhone program go to https://developer.apple.com/programs/iphone

Do I have to download software to design an app?

It is an online app builder, but for publishing to Google play or/and iOS you have to get the APK file to your computer and publish it to the apps stores.

Can I place my ads? And what network you support?

Sure, you can put ads from Admob or link to pages that collect emails or affiliate links.

Can you please tell me ways to earn from this application builder?

For make money from apps you build – sure you can earn by
1- Do apps and upload and earn from ads like Admob etc…
2- Do apps and earn from in-app purchase
3- Do apps for businesses like a local business, site owners etc…

Is it possible to turn a website into an offline and online app through this app builder?

You can copy all content you need and put in the app, then all content in-app will be ready offline also (if you install the app).
Also, all your customers/app downloaders can have the app and see the contents offline.
I use it for EBooks apps I build, so all my EBooks apps – users can read all content offline

Where will the application that I will make stored?

When you build the app you can choose where to store the files, or in our cloud hosting, or inside the app, so the user can use the app even offline (even he don’t have internet connection)

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